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     Gary Greenwood 

    It would be great to have a section for local job opportunities, such as second cameraman, or editing etc. There may be a time I need someone with experience for a few hours?

    Looking forward to opening communication to members and non members alike/


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    There will be, but in members areas

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     Gary Greenwood 

    Oh Zulgar. Don’t make this a secret society again, you’ll get no heavy traffic and members will miss out on job opportunities from outside the membership?

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     John Lawton 

    Totally agree with you Gary. Was a previous member from 2002 and 2013 and frequently advertised in the members section for additional camera operators. I received no replies or interest from members. On one occasion I actually had to “train” a photographer to be my second camera operator!

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     Gary Greenwood 

    I liked the fact I could get other second operators from the membership when I needed help with some projects. It’s one of the things I miss from the IOV. The sense of belonging to something great.

    It was the secretive nature of the way things were run back then that drove me away. Hopefully, if the IOV wishes to progress in this open fast paced world, it will leave all the mistakes of the past and come out stronger than ever? A new website is the first step, but it needs to be an information highway if its to make a presence in the video world.

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     Phill Beaney A.M.Inst.V. 

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    Gary, Totally agree. If you get offers of help from members and non members you can still choose whoever you like and we may even get a new member out of it. It also gets non members talking to us on public forums like this.

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     Gary Greenwood 

    I looked for the thumbs up or like icon Phill, but there isn’t one as yet. Yes I agree with the comments in this thread.

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