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    Hi everyone, I have been using Encore now for a few years and gotten very used to it. However it would seem that support for it within Adobe is diminishing even though it is still a product of theirs.

    Has anyone come across the need to find an alternative which either works better and or more efficiently than Encore? or done any real research into alternatives?

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     Chris Gillooly 

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    Hi, I can’t see anyone updating or making new software as the disc format is pretty much dead, although like you we still do discs for few clients so for this we are keeping a PC with windows 7 and Encore for this purpose.

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     Brett Allen F.Inst.V. 

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    I’ve moved over to DVD Architect recently. More of an alternative rather than a total replacement.

    It was Sony but now it is MAGIX . It works well after you get used to the workflow after coming from Encore.

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     Zulqar Cheema 

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    Tutorial on DVD-A

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