• Dear Member

    I am delighted to announce the return of Focus Magazine, newly designed by Keith Woolford, and with an impressive array of knowledgeable writers from within our membership.

    The relaunch is

  • I would like to invite any suitably qualified IOV member to offer themselves for election to the IOV Executive. We are looking for a quorate body of no fewer than 3 members and no more than five.

    It would be

  • Contributions are sought from members for a festive-styled article in the first issue of the relaunched magazine. Entitled ‘Past and Present’, this will include suggestions for pressies at Christmas. Either very

  • Hi Paul and Christian
    On the face of it Christian has more relevant experience. Credibility by virtue of a recognised qualification is also important especially if challenged in court. Maybe I can leave it to the client to decide, in which case I will need your email and mobile contacts for him to call you. Please get back to me on this. If you…[Read more]

  • We have had an approach from a member of the public who is dissatisfied with the wedding video produced by a Leicester based company (not IOV members). The dispute has been running for close to three years and is

    • Hi,

      I would like to apply for the role of expert witness in this dispute.

      I have filmed and edited nine weddings, six of them with a second cameraman, and three of them on my own, but in all cases the contract was between me and the client and I did all editing.


      Paul Welton M.M.Inst.V.
      Tel: 01442 265149
      Mob: 07762 053018
      Web: http://www.videofoundry.net
      Skype: video.foundry

    • Hi there

      I would be happy to do this having produced over 50 weddings over the last 5 years however I am new to the IOV and not yet a qualified member

      Many Thanks


    • Hi Paul and Christian
      On the face of it Christian has more relevant experience. Credibility by virtue of a recognised qualification is also important especially if challenged in court. Maybe I can leave it to the client to decide, in which case I will need your email and mobile contacts for him to call you. Please get back to me on this. If you need to discuss (now, or at some future point) my mobile is below.
      Tony Manning
      Chair, Institute of Videography
      Mob: 07960 719520

  • Dear Member

    We have so far received only 19 responses in respect of our forthcoming AGM, and of those only 5 are planning to be present. We recognise that AGMs by their nature are not hot ticket events, but

    • Where is it?

      • Date: Wednesday 25th July 4pm to 7pm
        (for security reasons an ID with picture is required)

        Sony Cinematography Centre
        Pinewood Studios
        Pinewood Road
        Iver Heath
        SL0 0NH

        Phone: +44 (0)1753 656767

        Matt Trigwell from Sony will be our host and will introduce some of the latest Sony cameras that are likely to be suitable for our members.

      • It is on the original post sent out earlier, I have added the details above

  • Dear Member

    The closing date for applications to stand for election to the IOV Executive passed yesterday. We received one enquiry which was subsequently withdrawn. We therefore face a wholly unsatisfactory

      Historically the Members of the Executive Committee have also taken on various roles and have done practical jobs for the IOV – some of which attract remuneration. Ordinary members may be reluctant/unwilling to put themselves forward for the Exec because the tasks sound onerous.

      An alternative approach would be for the Executive Committee to act primarily as the governing body, with most of the practical tasks farmed out to a number of volunteer members (including some Exec members if they wished).
      Honoraria could be considered depending upon the work done and the state of our finances.

      What we need first and foremost is a functioning Executive Committee to map out the way forward for the IOV – and then enlist members to deliver the goods. Of course, if members are not willing to come forward to help then we will fold anyway. It’s in our hands – but I would not expect Exec Members to have to do all the work !

      Tony and Cheema have put in a lot of time and effort to keep things rolling and bring us back to a financially stable situation. It would be a great pity if all their efforts (and the work of our predecessors) is thrown away.

      I would therefore like to give it one final push to see if a different approach to the duties Executive Committee would attract enough people to enable the true Executive Function to be performed and the IOV to re-establish itself as a really useful and desirable organisation for video film-makers at all levels to belong to.

      Chris North (IOV Area 6)

    • Sounds promising.
      Is there a list of tasks?
      I am probably happy to help…

    • I will need to use the shuttle bus to get to the venue from the train station. For this I read that “visitors must be issued with a letter or email authorising them to use the shuttle service”. Could such an e-mail be sent out to me, and the other members attending the AGM/EGM please? There is no mention on the website of car parking, and parking is likely to be even more difficult to access than the shuttle, so without shuttle authorisation I regret that I will not be able to attend.

    • Hello Brian,
      I think Tony will respond shortly.
      Chris N.

  • Dear IOV Member

    We will be announcing the 2018 AGM shortly and it is important to have as much member involvement as possible.

    As part of the process we will once again look to re-establish a proper

    • this should not be an AGM as it is not a General Meeting but an EGM as the IOV is not currently quorate therfore has not had valid proceedings for some time. There is no Executive committee as far as the organisation goes and an EGM should have been first upon the agenda after that last one failed to take place. I beleive the IOV needs a brand new committee and driving force behind it that has clear vision moving forwards. I would fully support a change of Executive and direction for the IOV. Kindest Bryan S.

    • Bryan probably makes a valid point on the principal of AGM v EGM. The IoV has been limping along by the good graces of principally two key players – stand-up Tony and Cheema – and a few others to a much lesser extend.
      The problem seems to be identifying a group of enthusiasts willing to put their hands up, which seems a real challenge at the moment.
      The 2017 AGM failed because there wasn’t enough members that were either bothered to turn up or even to click a button to cast an online vote. Getting the momentum once again may be an insurmountable task. It’s encouraging that we are in black regarding finances.
      Regrettably, (and the matter of accreditation aside), I’ve no additional time available to devote to IoV. Like Bryan, for those that do, I’m happy to support their endeavours.

  • The IOV stand is up and running at the NEC, Cheema with Keith and possibly Chris too. It’s been great to have our miniature army of volunteers helping with the many tasks of preparation and putting shifts in on

    • We had a busy day at the Photography Show yesterday, spreading the word about the IOV to the photographers. It was useful being located in a dedicated video area with related trade stands and manufacturers. We were opposite Sennheiser – which was good since people looking at microphones were likely to be people interested in video. The video stage was also close-by where there were several talks aimed at DSLR videographers – so we were able to talk to our target audience there and hand out our refreshed card ‘leaflet’, which, hopefully people will keep.
      Chris North

  • The response to our announcement of a long-overdue Area 11 meeting in Loughton, Essex was so poor that the inclination was to cancel. Perversely we opted to continue with four of us present. I recalled a tennis

  • We’re going ahead with the meeting tonight, so come along if you can. See the original message above for the location.

  • We are planning a long-overdue Area 11 meeting and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested (Members, Students, Retired Members, even recently departed – but still alive – members !) to join

  • Last Thursday I wrapped up warm, donned my woolly hat and trogged along to ExCel for the final day of BVE 2018. My journey was rapid and easy, an experience not shared by most of the country, so attendances were

    • Thanks for that Tony.

      Let’s hope that the weather is not a problem when you have the IOV stand at the PhotographyShow at the NEC, Birmingham 17-20 March.

      I hope IOV members and their guests will try to get along since there is now a Video section at the show – and they might be able to persuade some of the multi-media photographers to join the IOV !

  • I have responded in detail to questions raised concerning “Offer to Purchase domain http://www.iov.com

    For some reason (my mistake probably) my response is in the middle of the thread rather than at the end, but

  • Thanks for your responses.

    This is the detail of what the would-be purchaser had to say:
    “I have researched the current prices before making my serious offer.
    Ofcourse domains sell above my quoted price and below as well. For example,
    Zsv.com was sold for $11000 last month on namejet.
    However the marketplaces charge 25% commission. So the…[Read more]

  • Over the years we have had ocasional enquiries from parties interested in acquiring our domain http://www.iov.com. The sale of the domain was previously agreed in principle by the Executive when fully quorate, provided

    • It would be good to get some cash but we need to guard against this being used for anything to do with videography/film making and photography, if possible. A Google search shows IOV is also used for Professional Valuers in India and folk art !

    • Two comments…

      1 – The .com address was acquired when the IOV still had international ambition. Has that now passed?

      2 – What would the money be spent on?

    • Providing the international market is but a distant ambition – jump at it. The IoV needs the dosh and selling an unused asset at his stage makes financial sense.

      And, if future aspirations lead as abroad, surely a ‘.uk’ website address would promote ‘Britishness’ with all that it/we represent?

    • Given the position of the IOV at the moment sell it.. no brainer

    • Suggest negotiation to $20,000. Amount to be invested as a reserve to ensure the future of the IOV.

    • What would that mean in practice, a change in just the website address or a change in the actual institute name?

    • Thanks for your responses.

      This is the detail of what the would-be purchaser had to say:
      “I have researched the current prices before making my serious offer.
      Ofcourse domains sell above my quoted price and below as well. For example,
      Zsv.com was sold for $11000 last month on namejet.
      However the marketplaces charge 25% commission. So the owner netted about
      $8000 in his bank. I have seen several similar three letter domains sell
      for under $15000. Hence, I know that my offer is far above the market value.”

      My budget is limited and I have to factor in development costs and other
      expenses. But I am really stretching to increase my best offer to $18,000
      I can cover escrow so you receive the NET amount of $18000 to your bank. My
      website management team will assist you with the transfer.”

      We could hang on for more but it’s hard to know if we would achieve it. I’m inclined to think it’s a fair price.

      In the future we may have international ambitions even though at this point in our history this might seem vain to the point of farcical. Moves in that direction will require far more than owning iov.com, however.

      We don’t know the purpose for which the domain might be purchased and while it would be great if its use had no connection with video production I doubt we could set such a condition.

      In terms of Kevin’s question “What would the money be spent on?” the simple answer would be anything which is of benefit to the members as judged by its Executive, which would take on board comments and suggestions from members. Thereby hangs a tale of course since we need at least one person to put themselves forward for election to that body to have a viable Exec. Ideally we would have a total of five voting members. ( At the moment it’s Cheema as Treasurer ex officio and myself plus a small group of volunteers all of whom are helping out in various ways, including helping at the Photography Show at the NEC next week).

      We will try to achieve a proper position for the Exec ahead of the AGM, which will probably happen in late May.

      We do have outstanding debts to clear, particularly to Cheema and myself, and while it is only fair that these should be cleared we do not intend that we should take substantial amounts and lose the benefit of such a sale in one fell swoop. At present monies owed are being repaid at a modest £350 per month for the the last three months including March.

      In terms of future priorities it is helpful to have some capital as a cushion for any venture, be that a show, publishing a 4th Edition of VideoSkills, or putting on training events. While we would always want to achieve break-even there will be up-front bills to pay, deposits, space fees, etc before we know if we can make a profit.

      Any final comments ahead of the deadline?

  • Although we have decided not to be at BVE this year we will be at Birmingham NEC exploring links with our DSLR-wielding brethren. We hope that many will be interested in video applications and the additional

  • First of all may I wish all of our members a very happy Christmas/Hanukah/holiday season – whatever your beliefs enjoy your time with those closest to you!

    I thought it timely to say a few things about where

    • And glad tidings to you and yours!

      Once again, many thanks for the the efforts of Cheema and yourself during these dark days – “Never have so few done so much with so little for so many”, to paraphrase Mr Churchill (the ex-PM not the dog).

      Best wishes and see you on the other side,

    • Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for the update.



    • Merry Christmas to all but especially to those who deal with our organisation and IOV administration. Let’s hope the new year will be a great one!

    • Merry Christmas!
      Onwards and upwards for the IOV in 2018!

    • Season’s Greetings from Ireland. Thank you for all the massive efforts over these difficult times, and with renewed support, and hopefully encouragement, 2018 will be a very good one for IOV. Geography, and particularly Anno Domini, prevent me offering any practical help but I am certainly with you in spirit!

      Best wishes to all.


  • The task for the teams in the latest edition of The Apprentice (broadcast on 14th November) was to create an advertising campaign for a new car. One of the teams charged with shooting the video found themselves

  • IOV Members’ Survey conclusions and comments Part 2

    Only 20 responses were received to Part Two, the intention of which was to list member benefits offered by the IOV over the years and get feedback about

    • Tony, Can I ask our current membership level is. If it’s 25 then the response is excellent (Excuse my humour) I’m guessing the response is a single figure percentage of our current membership which is a real shame because actually those opinions count just the same.

      An offer of Help! –

      As a last ditch attempt to engage more members can we upload the last VOTM videos onto our Vimeo account ideally with comments from the judge or judges and then email all members announcing the “new idea” and include the Vimeo link with password. Allow members to add comments and request they like their favourite.
      It will take little effort and could start to engage members.

      If I can have the right permissions I would gladly do and manage this myself.
      If the IOV is to survive we have to actually do something that is visible to our members. We have nothing to lose.

    • A useful insight, even though the response was not as substantial as might have been hoped for. Is there to be a proposal / plan for moving forward ? In my experience, getting people to help is often a matter of getting individuals to do specific tasks rather than expecting people to ‘offer’ to take on general responsibilities. Farming out specific pieces of work takes some effort but may be the way to use time and talents most effectively.

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